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Originally Posted by Magnetic Fusion View Post
Thats a ton of money for 0-62 times being only 4.4 secs. I read in an article a stock 2011 with DCT got 3.9 secs 0-60. So what gives for an extra $100k? You can get the carbon fiber hood, trunk, and fenders to give you that 100lb weight reduction for close to $3k. The red or orange with the silver (PUKE) I've seen way nicer BMW's than this one....I'm not impressed one bit
Apart from looks which is always going to be subjective. 0-62 times are at best a small indicator of a vehicle's performance. So the article in question managed to get 3.9 from that particular car, who is to say that had the testers had the CRT on a similar day, that it wouldn't have done a quicker time than 3.9. The increased engine performance of the CRT will be very noticeable during midrange accelerations and especially when the car is already on the move. It costs a lot of money to make body panels and seats for a car that is limited in production numbers, especially when carbon fibre honeycomb is involved. The rear seats are unique, the brakes are unique, the suspension is unique, and lets not forget the engine and the exhaust. Try doing all the modifications via aftermarket to the same level of fit and finish, strength, performance and reliability. This is why the CRT is so expensive.

Even if you decide to go aftermarket, let's work out how much it can potentially cost to achieve something similar to the CRT from a base M3.

Carbon hood painted - $3000 (your $3k for the body panels you listed will not provide the same quality and strength as OEM, and no aftermarket hood has been shown to be significantly lighter that the standard M3's aluminium one without compromising strength. CRT's is half the weight of the aluminium)
Carbon race seats - $2500
Custom engine and internals - $20000 (Of course there's supercharging, but that is not what BMW are trying to achieve)
KW Clubsport - $5000-6000
Custom rear seats - $?
Brembo GT brakes - $7500
Akrapovic exhaust - $6000
Labour - $?

Expensive isn't it?

Note that the CRT's price is also inflated due to taxes in Europe.

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