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Anyone owned an E30, E36 or E46? Need advice

So I am looking for a daily driver, I am not new to fast cars and am trying to entertain going for a well rounded daily that I can count on, mod and not end up hating because of the baggage it brings. I love the plastic bumper E30s and drool over cleaned up ones but they are slow, and now have a cult like following so it's hard to find one, the only E36 I'd say I'd be interested in would be an M but I don't have the budget for the caliber M I'd like and I've been starting to like the E46 3 a lot more, I drive by a guy with a nice Boston or Oxford green 325 every day but I don't want a headache and besides the E46 M I don't really know what I'd be getting into...

Budget: this is how it is don't offer the "wait and save" advice $6,000 with $4,000 in the mod bucket.

What I want: I love a cosmetically and mechanically tastefully modded car. I value power braking and handling but don't have the cash to sling to have all of that. I would like to mod as I daily drive and eventually have a head turning clean well rounded performer. I'm not trying to win races but I drive hard and might want to get into auto x or road courses for fun, I regret blowing off a smoking deal on a 98 Integra GSR one owner two years ago and considered getting one to bolt on, suspension and brakes and maybe FI down the road but FWD has me iffy.

What I can't have: headaches, this will be my one and only source of transportation. My budget would allow me to make a sweet sweet E30 though.
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