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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Love the fact that your car has 18's. Wheels are just trending to bigger and bigger for no good reason. Back in the day when a 15" wheel was common even amongst performance cars, there was the obviously discovery that a shorter sidewall made for a more responsive car. Bigger wheels also allowed for bigger brakes. However, the trend has gone too far. The look that signified performance, now actually hinders performance. Funny thing is that I don't even think it looks good. 20's on an M3 are just too big. 19's don't really look better than 18's. Just dependent on the particular wheel. I had the opportunity to drive an M3 with 18's and some nice fat rubber. What a difference in both ride and handling. Too bad the high end companies like HRE don't even offer most of their wheels (especially the one-piece forged) in 18". Could you imagine an 18" P40SC at like 18-19lbs !!

Not to mention the ridiculous price difference in the rubber when it comes to 19's. I can't wait to get my 18's on the car.

20's shouldn't even be considered for a car unless you're goal is to simply "cruise" the strip looking donk.

Lighter, better performance is the key to the M3 and real performance machines everywhere!