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Originally Posted by flip View Post
So I went to wash my car last Sunday as usual and when I got to my wheels I noticed this weird film that had seemed to kind of bake into my wheels near the tires and I could not wash it off. If I rubbed extremely hard for some time it would do a little bit of good but its still very difficult to get off.

In the past, my wheels have been extremely easy to clean. All of the dirt would just wipe off in one swipe. I wash my car every week and run stock brakes so that is to be expected...

I started thinking what might have changed and the only thing is the tire shine that I'm using. The week before last, I started using the Meguiars Endurance instead of the Meguiars Hot Shine.

Has anyone had any experience with this same issue? Should I simply be more careful when applying the Endurance type tire shine? Should I switch back to my old tire shine?

How might I get this grime off my wheels?
It looks like dried on tire shine.

Try using all purpose cleaner to strip it, following with a wheel cleaner and agitate it with a brush. Best of luck bro!