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Love the fact that your car has 18's. Wheels are just trending to bigger and bigger for no good reason. Back in the day when a 15" wheel was common even amongst performance cars, there was the obviously discovery that a shorter sidewall made for a more responsive car. Bigger wheels also allowed for bigger brakes. However, the trend has gone too far. The look that signified performance, now actually hinders performance. Funny thing is that I don't even think it looks good. 20's on an M3 are just too big. 19's don't really look better than 18's. Just dependent on the particular wheel. I had the opportunity to drive an M3 with 18's and some nice fat rubber. What a difference in both ride and handling. Too bad the high end companies like HRE don't even offer most of their wheels (especially the one-piece forged) in 18". Could you imagine an 18" P40SC at like 18-19lbs !!
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