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Originally Posted by Merlosso View Post
I would love to do a skid pad only event. I need the practice. I was at the Summit Point event in April but you only get two sessions on the skid pad of about 5 minutes each. At that rate it will take me decades to build my car control skills.
I concur, car control and recognition are two important benefits to the skid pad. Seat time there, like track time at a HPDE, add a lot to the learning experience. The problem with skid pad time at a HPDE event, are the numbers of participants who wish to use it. Do the math. Take one run group, intertmediate as example, probably 35 plus cars/drivers, and allowing 5 mins per car on the pad, normal track run time scheduling does not work, and you quickly run out of time if you attempt to add another group to the mix. No good using the pad if not properly instructed, thus the second problem, class room session and scheduling instructor rotations at the pad. Experience has shown five instructors can be effectly used per group session, rotating in and out of cars as they cycle through the exercises. A lot goes on to hold an effective skid pad option.

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