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The weather looks good for Sunday. For the next C&C, we will be meeting at:

The Chatham High School Parking Lot
255 Lafayette Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928

Time: 8:30 to 11:00 am

This location returns us to Chatham but without some of the perks of the Parsippany Hilton or the Shunpike mall: there are no bakeries or restroom facilities nearby! Stop by the Woodland Bakery on the way there and pick up some sugary supplies. Some additional requests:

1) For those bringing baked goods and drinks, please make sure you carry out any trash as we don't want to leave it all over the parking lot.

2) Please do not take more than one parking spot -- this is Fathers' Day which in the past has has our greatest turnout -- we will likely need all of the spots.

3) If you are coming as a spectator (meaning, in your daily driver), please do not park in the main lot -- again, we will likely need all of the spaces

4) This location is also much more suburban so we would like to request everyone to be on their best behavior (no revving, no burnouts, no loud music, etc.). We would like to be the best guests who come and go without a trace!

Please let your friends in the various forums know about the location for this weekend. We don't want to leave stragglers all over North NJ!