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Originally Posted by bradleyland View Post
That wasn't my point at all. I'm not looking down upon the N54 at all, and I'm glad to see BMW bring home yet another win. I think the N54 is a great engine, as is the N55. I, likewise, get annoyed at all the fanaticism, which is why I now ignore it (breaking my own rules here).

EDIT: If you search this thread, the first few remarks about the N55 were:

"Interestingly, the N55 is not figured - though the N54 is. Still think the N54 should make a comeback in the 335 or 340."

"it's interesting that the N54 has been on this list so many times despite all it problems and it being engineering-wise fairly dated compared to the n55."

"With these awards, maybe they should drop the n55 for the good old n54?"

My response was in regards to comments like these. They should drop the N55 in favor of the N54? Really? Does that make any sense to anyone?
OK, fine with all that. I can only add that I am not a fanatic of any engine or brand as well, I will go and buy a N55 if they make a bit better (feeling and performing) N55 than the actual N54T (yes not any N54 but the T, this is the one which grabbed the title again). If it happens, it sure will be a hell of an engine.

The quotes you made really go too far, I agree with that. I am guessing soon N54 will be left behind in all its forms and only after then BMW will make some new experiments on the N55 to make us forget about N54. But, let's say, if the next M3 or some other M car (like a surprise Z4 M or a Z2 M or M2) also gets a upgraded N54 then the fate of N55 will be sealed forever as an "efficiency" version and second best in the line of actual BMW engines. We will wait and see how this will go.

In fact, everyone should be happy that four out of six contenders in the 2.5 to 3.0 liter category were BMW engines, this demonstrates a huge domination of BMW in this category either in petrol or diesel form.