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This series could easily go to 7. It could easily be done in 5. I have to admit. Lebron is playing at a completely different level than everyone else. Kevin Durant is having a huge series as well, but he is getting overshadowed by westbrooks ball hog mentality. Durant is without a doubt the most clutch player in the game right now. Whenever OKC needed a big lift or some momentum he brings it. This series is extremely entertaining. Better than almost all of the finals in recent memories. I have to admit though, Bosh is Miamis most important player. Hes their Kevin Garnett. The heart and soul of the team. He had some huge effort plays and got some crucial offensive rebounds for Miami last night. Overall I gotta say I hope Lebron wins one to shut up the critics. He had clutch free throws last night. I just love Durant and harden too much to root for Miami. Maybe next year. GO OKC!!!