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Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver View Post
Panamera GTS handling is absolutely sublime as well as the entoxicating sound of that V8!! As good a handling car as the Panamera Turbo/Turbo S are (better than the M5) its even better.
The CLS63 is a pretty sick car too. The m5 does look very drab while the Panamera is unique (love it or hate it) and has more road pressence than either the m5 or CLS63, though the CLS is close.
I agree on all of your points. I drove the Panny GTS back to back with the Panny Turbo, and honestly really did prefer the GTS. Plus, it's $40K or cheaper, which is awesome. I concur that both this car as well as the CLS 63 kick the "aesthetic arse" of the M5. As a BMW lover, that is really sad....true, but sad. BMW had an awesome oppt'y to step out of the box and make the M5 look as amazing as it handles....I believe they failed.