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DIY Radiator Flush

I can't find a DIY for flushing the radiator. Can someone tell me if this is the right procedure?

1. Let the engine cool down.
2. Put the car in ramps/jacks. * Make sure the car height is balanced. The Radiator reservoir has to be the highest.
3. Remove one of the Under body cover
4. Remove the radiator bleeder screw (underneath the car) and let it radiator bleed.
5. Reinstall the bleed screw
6. Fill the radiator with only water. Let the radiator cap off (Pressurized cap) and turn the engine and car heater on. *Keep an eye in the fluid level!!
7. Let the car run for 5-10 min then repeat steps 4-6 like 2 times.
8. After bleeding water, Install a new bleader screw and fill the radiator with 50% Antifreeze-50% water.
9. Turn the engine and car heater on and let the coolant flow with the radiator cap off (to release the air in the system)
10. Turn the engine off, check level and install the radiator cap.

If above steps are ok, I will do it today/tomorrow and post some pictures..