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Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
Owning a highly modded 335i, here's my 2cents:

It all depends on your priorities and the depth of your pocket.

When I first got the 335i, I thought performance and handling were great. But as you get used to the car, you realize the shortcomings (handling mostly) and the potential (performance). That's where the modding started and things got ugly

Not going into full details, but let's say that $30k in mods later, I have a car which makes me not long for an M3 Did I expect to dump that much in the car when I got it? No way!! But both the mod bug and the tracking bug bit me badly! And to make a 335i perform and be reliable on a racetrack takes alot of work. But to some extent the same applies to the M3. And modding an M3 is even more expensive.

My verdict is that if you're looking into a complete sports car package from the factory, the M3 may be a better choice.
If you're not afraid to go down the slippery modding slope, the 335i has a LOT of potential while still maintaining it's advantages: way better mpg (gas prices in Europe are high and driving to the gas station weekly would piss me off), heaps of torque at low/mid rpm (great for daily driving), lower insurance and running costs.
Who would take that slippery slope knowing a catless/tuned M3 would be as fast but cheaper to buy and to maintain then a highly modified 335?! Also the M3 would have a far better resale value, more fun factor, more factor, more confort and a LOT more reliability! All that for a bit of savings on gaz and more torque a low RPMs, not worth it at all.

I drive my stock M3 daily and in normal driving I really don't need more torque and when I do a spirited drive, I'm not missing torque needer cause I got 8400RPM, what I would like is an other 50hp, something I could get for 1500$ with just test pipes and a tune. I would'nt trade my EDC for anything in the world, that's what makes the M3 the best all-around car! IMO the feeling of the M3 when you drive it is exepcionnal and that's its greatest quality, that's what kepted the M3 on top of its competitors(RS4/RS5,C63,IS-F) for so long and that's something you don't get when you buy a 335 no mater how much money you put in it! Just my opinion!

In the end, to me , the 335 is not a bad car , it's a bad buy!