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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Just to update this thread... I went to Irvine BMW today to have them look at some issues another dealer made excuses to cover.

I delt with Jose F in service. We walked my car and I pointed out my issues and he immediately told me no problem. All of it would be covered and that everything I pointed out was clearly defective items. They gave me my pick of a loaner (opted for a mini S, never drove one) and sent me on my happy way.

5hrs hours later my car is done! They replaced all my shadow line trim and start button. My seat creak was also repaired and they fixed the B pillar creaking too. They also did a much better job washing my car than my old dealer did. No swirls!!!

They didnt say a word about my wheel spacers, exhaust, sub and amp, or anything either.

If you need a solid no BS guy at Irvine, Jose F is your man! I will get his last name soon.
Who was the first dealer you went to? And, no swirls...hmmm...not saying you are lying, but that is pretty unbelievable from a dealer. Especially Irvine BMW. They put a gnarly swirl mark on my hood with a buffer before I even took delivery. Glad to hear you had a good experience though.