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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Username: ILSMKU
Region: California
Dealership Name: Crevier BMW
Sales or Service: Service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Aaron Burkhard
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 1
Work Performed/Attempted: DSC CEL, Oil change and window trim paint coming off
Recommended? (Yes or No): No
Additional Comments:

I took my car in for an DSC CEL, my window trim paint flaking off and an oil change. From the moment I had my first follow up call, I received conflicting information. First my DME was dead. Then I found out it was being updated? I thought it was dead? Which one is it? I felt like I was being jerked around on my window trim issue too. Being told that it appeared I put boxes on my roof? WTH? Or perhaps someone did it when I wasn't looking? It wasn't until I complained big time that my SA said he will try to get it covered. Then he tells me its not easy to remove and replace and that if they ding or scratch my paint, then any damage they cause are MY issue? What kind of offer is that? Are you for real?

Then he tells me the cant finish the DME update and will have to complete it the following day. He then said they will need to drive it to check to see if the code comes back. I told him, NO ONE is to drive my car. That I will drive it and let them know. He said ok, that they would prefer to be the ones to test it, but whatever I wish. So today my car was supposed to be completed. I call my SA at 11am and left him a voice mail asking for a follow up on when I might be able to pick up my car. I got no return call. So at like 1230, I call back and hes still not available. So I ask the resp if she can at least tell me if my car is done yet? She checks and says the only thing we are waiting on is the window trim. That it has to be signed off? I told her, no, I passed on the window trim because it clearly sounded like they couldn't do it and to please just get my car ready. She puts me on hold and next thing I know, my SA picks up the phone.

Now hes telling me that he didn't call me back because he was waiting for his manager to sign off on eating the window trim repair. I told him, thanks but no thanks if they think I'm going to allow them to not be liable for any damage they cause doing the repair. He says fine and the car is ready.

So I go pick up my car. My SA is no where to be found (I'm not really looking for him either though). I get my car back and I notice it has 4 miles on it.

From start to finish, nothing went right. And to top things off, they didn't respect my wishes about no one driving my car.

Needless to say, I wont buy another car from them and I wont let them service my car again. I'm pretty bummed about it too because I really wanted it to work out.

Lesson learned.


I have since took my car to IRVINE BMW with positive results!!!

Region: California
Dealership Name: Irvine BMW
Sales or Service: Service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Jose F.
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 5
Work Performed/Attempted: window trim paint coming off, push button paint coming off, seat creek, b pillar creeking
Recommended? (Yes or No): hell yes.
Additional Comments:

I finally got around to taking my car into another dealer. This time Irvine BMW. From start to finish, I had a great experience. I worked with Jose F. who was a very professional and nice guy to chat with. He seemed relaxed, calm and just overall willing to help.

I had him look at my shadowline trim paint that was coming off, my push button paint that chipped off, my front seat that was creaking, and a rattle in the b pillar area. He said NO problem and was shocked Crevier gave me a hard time about something that was clearly defective on a 10 month old car.

He took me to his desk and said if they have the parts in stock, they would try to get it all done same day. If not, they would order the parts and have them the following day.

I got a call at 2PM (dropped it off at 9am). And he told me my car was ready! They replaced all the shadowline trim, my push to start button and fixed both rattles/creaks. Plus the actually washed my car pretty good. No swirls, no water spots, no issues with the wash!

Overall, I felt they serviced me the way a dealer should. I will never go to Crevier again and from now one IRVINE BMW will have my business!

Thank you Irvine BMW! Job well done!
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