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Originally Posted by JesterEXW View Post
I don't ever want to tell anyone what they are or are not so I hope this is not taken the wrong way. That being said it sounds like you would consider yourself to be a Deist as opposed to a Theist.

The difference is this: A theist believes in an omnipotent god or gods that actively watch and care about what we do. They may interfere with this world and have plans for us after.
A deist on the other hand believes that god was/is similar to a watchmaker or scientist. They created all this or played a massive role in it but then went on their merry way to new things. They don't care about what we do or think nor do they have special plans for us, we are simply something they created either intentionally or unintentionally.

It is strongly believed that many of the founders of this country were deists: Jefferson, Franklin and Washington among them. There is much supporting evidence for this. Countless other historic figures fall into this category, Paine being one of my favorites.
Many Jewish people now, are Diest in ideals. Its not something you could gather from any other way than one on one conversation. Scotch believes what most Jewish people believe that are not heavy practicers, though in a sense it runs against traditional Judaism if you looked at it in black and white.

I dont like the scale for me so im not going to try to come up with an answer. I will tell you this however, Ive studied Philosophy of Religion under one of the best published teachers of the subject, i have a BBA and am now a pre-med student. The reason im mentioning this is to let you know that im a student and thus have a students view of the world.

The conclusion ive come to is this: From a deist prospective, there is no way to disprove it. One could easily say that all the reasons Tyson said there is no God, could be explained through a being that simply put things into motion at one point for whatever reason or none at all (maybe that it was put into motion at all is "God"?).

The biggest part for me is this. Simply put, perception. For me, having any kind of perception is a divine experience (i realize experience is also another word for perception). We could be robots with no view on life or anything else for that matter, just moving because we have been wound up to move, in a way we are and in a way we aren't. For me, all the ways that we aren't signify a "supreme being" if thats the way you wish to put it. I guess this means that we could have a "Childhoods End" (by Arther C Clark, one of the best books ive read) sort of Mind with a large "M" or maybe something else, to me, that qualifies as divinity and couldn't be anything else.