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This is a very good idea. Another member and I rented the skid pad for a half day during a Rezoom event. We announced what we did at the event, and a lot of participants joined in and contributed to the cost.

Skid pad at VIR is very good, but you can cause damage to the sprinklers if you leave the hard surface, and this is easy to do if you try and get wild out there. Thus, the concern about drifting. Use the skid pad for its primary purpose, and no problems to anyone. Push the envelope beyond your driving capabilities, and you will perhaps spend more money that the rental.

That said, do it, get an instructor, and learn. Worth the experience.

What event do you think you will try and do this at. Suggest you contact the registra of the event and see if they will offer it as an "add on" to the event, particularly if you plan to subsidize it. Let me know and I will see if I can assist with the organizers - although don't promise.


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