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Originally Posted by 007MCoupe View Post
I use bit torrents to get the races. Since I'm in Korea there's no way I'm watching live, except for the races 'local'.

I REALLY dislike Sky though. Save for MArtin and Ted the crew are ... bad. I can't think of the right adjective right now. lol It was nice having Jaques (I know i messed that up, sorry) throughout the Canadian GP though.
I largely agree. It's too bad we only had 1 year of the 2011 BBC team. That was probably the best it had been in a long time.

For Brundle, I think he really just wants to be the main commentator, so he would go to wherever is going to show every race. If the BBC got back into the game full time I imagine he would go back. Unfortunately, I don't think Jake Humphrey would ever leave the BBC even if they lost all F1 rights. He would probably go back to futball or something like that. DC might switch, but only under the above circumstance.