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Originally Posted by jprooney View Post
I have never said the N55 is better than the N54, but as a guy who have owned both of them and comparing them both in stock form (not counting mods) the N55 is the better engine, as i said in my posts before, it is very clear from the statement that what re impressed the judges was the higher output of the N54T, especially in the M Coupe with the overboost, remember that last year the original N54 was still out there in a couple of cars, so when the N54 competed with the N55 in equal outputs, the N55 got the award not the N54 im just saying that. It would be very strange that when an engine doesnt changes one year you chose one over the other and next year you exchange places. It's also very clear that the engine that won this year was the N54T, the one that was tune by BMW M, not the original N54 with equal output to the N55
To those of you who think the N54T in the so called "M" cars and "iS" cars are any better than the N54T you can find in a regular 2007-2010 335i, give me a break.....the only different is the tune! You can buy any off-the-shelf tune from Burger tuning, Vishnu, or Cobb and blow the doors off any stock N54T "M" and "iS" cars. I am the proud owner of two N54T cars and have a JB3 in one of them - the result is phenomenal with no loss of reliability, gas mileage and have no problems at all. The benefits are zero turbo lag, huge amount of torque all the up to 6000 rpm and just plain fun to drive. The S65 is a great engine but is best appreciated on the track, where revving to 8000 rpm won't land you a ticket, or worse, in jail.