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Thoughts on Mike Benvo Tune w/ Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust

Hello Everyone,

I've always driven Japanese cars (STi, Evo X, G37, and S2000s), and decided to try something different after having gotten my wife a 335d and very much appreciating the build quality and feel of the car.

My goal was to find something as close as possible to an S2000 vis a vis balance and driving characteristics, with greater comfort and refinement. The M3 became the natural choice.

Bone stock the car was a blast to drive. Always having driven manual cars, the DCT was truly a pleasant surprise. The high revving V8, perfect balance, and ergonomics created a fantastic package.

Although I promised myself not to mod the car, I couldn't take the muffled exhaust and went ahead and ordered the Akra slip on. The resulting melody was awesome, and the pleasure lasted a bit.

Shortly thereafter I told myself investing that much in an exhaust with no power gains made no sense, so I was convinced it was time to get the Akra mid section. A few weeks late it was installed, and the sound went from awesome to incredible.

Not wanting a check engine light and looking to maximize gains, I decided to go with a tune rather than the Delete-R. I was originally looking in to the ESS tune, but found out while Mike Benvo was coding my car that he also had tunes prepared for the S65/Akra combo, I saw no other way to go.

His comprehension of the M3's motor, power delivery, and technological nuances made for a deep understanding of the E9x M3. I decided to go forward with his tune, and couldn't be happier.

Mike's attention to detail, care, precision, and service are unparalleled. I felt as though the tune was not just another source of revenue, but a mission to share his automotive passion and knowledge with fellow M3 owners.

Mike took a significant amount of time analyzing exactly what I wanted from the car as far as performance, throttle response, power/torque delivery characteristics, as well as other details including rev limit, top speed, cold start, etc...

The result is phenomenal, and the car feels reborn/unleashed. Mike even took the time to make further refinements and incorporate them in to my tune and continues to strive for perfection.

All together it's been a great match. Will post some decent pictures of the car shortly.

Thanks for reading.