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Did my research but still could not find an answer!!!

I've been meaning to purchase a set of angel eyes for a while now. I came across the AIB 4.0 and the LUX H8. I've read all the threads I can find comparing the two but I have a question I cant seem to find an answer to. Many members on the forum say the AIB are whiter and that the LUX H8 are white too but with a hint of blue. I cant find any pictures of the LUX H8 with a bluish hint, to me both the angel eyes look white. Im looking for a set of bright, good quality angels eyes (other than the OSS) that emits a white bluish colour. I also came across the HID 10000k. Is that colour too blue? or is it just a light blue? I cant seem to find anyone on the forum who uses these. Are they bright enough during the day? I read that HIDs heat up easier than AIB or LUX. Any input about this is highly appreciated. Thanks!!