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Originally Posted by BartMW View Post
Now that is impressive! Yes they are 275/35-18 square setup Nitto NT-01s. I was mostly enjoying the engine noise from the front bumper. I'll go back and listen for the tire noise.

"Bridge" is a turn that takes some getting used to. I remember my first instructor saying, "the road isn't going to be in a different place next time around.". But it sure takes some time to feel that turn in. A lot of fun once you do.
I knew it! The NT01s are pretty loud and their hum is pretty distinctive. I'm running the same tire setup as you--this is my second set. I've been very happy with them. They stick much better than street tires, they last a long time, they actually do communicate a bit before breaking away, and they're relatively inexpensive.

With the "Bridge" turn, I guess you just have to cut in towards the blind apex and hope there isn't a spun car, a woodchuck, or a moose on the other side.