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You guys interested in splitting a skidpad day at VIR?

I have been toying with the idea of renting VIR's skidpad to work on controlled slides for car control on track. I have a decent bit of track experience, but to push it to the point you lose traction in high speed sections is so risky on a track and I'd like to get some more sliding experience without risk to my m3 (though I found T1 at VIR is pretty damn safe for slides )

Talked to VIR today and it's $600 for the whole day and another $100 per 5000 gallons of water if we want water. The guy I spoke with said if you wanted water the whole time it would typically be 30,000 gallons on a summer day and $600 extra. Personally I'd like to do maybe half dry or something, but open to suggestions.

It would be cool to get several E9X M3's there and work on car control together, is there any interest? I don't think I have interest in paying the whole bill and then driving 3.5 hours each way just for skidpad, but if others want to chip in on the rental fee I think it would be worthwhile.

Also, the guy I spoke with mentioned multiple times "You're not trying to just drift right?", which leads me to believe they have an anti-drifter policy. I am not a drifter, but isn't it just semantics whether you call purposeful sliding on a skidpad to better your track skills drifting or whether it is to show off? Kinda threw me off.

If people are interested we can talk dates and such. Frankly I don't want to slide my car (tires) 8 hours long, so if we have quite a few people that wouldn't bother me.

The most convenient thing perhaps would be to get as many as we could to split it, and do it during a track weekend. That way we could do skidpad some between sessions at minimal cost and wouldn't have to drive and get a hotel and stuff just to do the skidpad.