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Originally Posted by bobbyd1961 View Post
waiting for ne M3 sedan. i know it will be all out better in performance and will crush the competition. unlike the M5 reviews against the e63 and unbelievably the audi s6
I remember when the E9x M3 first came out, it lost to the E46 M3 and even RS4. Unless u can be sure the reviewers are impartial, reviews can pretty much go any way with any car depending on the agenda of the publication. Most reviews between the M5 and competition found the M5 superior in driving dynamics and marginally faster in the straights. U do get freak result in the recent battle against the S6, but that review is a suspect in my opinion. I know for sure the next M3 will not crush its competition in the straights. The current C63 with power pack is already quite a lot faster than the current M3 and sits nicely in the middle ground between the current M3 and the F10 M5. BMW will not allow the next M3 to be too close to the M5 in the straights.
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