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Originally Posted by DeepSeaLandry View Post
Debating on replacing my current M3 (E90) with a new M5 (F10) so the vs. is in effect.

My question for discussion, is the new M5 sporty enough? You get looks, compliments, the feel of a sports car in an M3. Would you get the same reactions/feeling if you were driving an M5. Or is the larger Sedan too much luxury and not enough sport? Not that I am looking for attention per se, but I surely don't want people to take me for a middle aged business man in "oh he drives a 5 series sedan, boring!" (until they get smoked by the twin turbo V8).

Your thoughts??
Having spent 5 months with the F10 M5, i must say it's one amazing car. The F10 M5 has a great steering which is highly responsive with adequate feedback. The only downside is the size, but u feel it only when in tight spaces. I typically set the EDC to Sports and throttle to Sports Plus, and that is the best combination between comfort and sharpness. It's damn near perfect at this combination. I have gotten used to every aspect of the car with the exception of one thing, which i still hate. That's the damn steering wheel. It's too big and doesn't look sporty enough. My dealer can't retrofit the M6 steering wheel as that's not an officially sanctioned retrofit, so i might have to risk going at it myself.

As far as looks are concerned, u tend to get stares from slightly older people esp the regular F10 driving crowd. If u are ready to move on to something more executive, u can't go wrong with the M5.
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