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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
nice! First time Mac owner?
Yes and no. I haven't personally owned a Mac (and technically still won't), but I've been the sys admin for lots of Macs at work for years. I'll be bootcamping Windows7 on it anyways.

Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I'd compromise and go for a SS, but smaller HD and 8GB of RAM with a good graphics card. You want 64-bit OS also. Mine storms through images with only 8GB RAM.

Even with the smaller SS drive and less RAM, the Retina version is still over $2k. As this is a university owned machine, I do have to have some sort of justification for the expense. I'll be running Windows7 64-bit and we just got the Adobe Suite in 64-bit, so the 16GB of RAM should run that nicely. I may buy a SS drive for it in the future. The 16GB RAM package is $159 at Crucial. Easily affordable.

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