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I have had a couple of experiences with the car already I would like to share.

Day one, I drove the 6 speed dealer demo (orange). Granted it was only street driving but it definitely had a nice feel to the car. To be quite honest, the car feels exactly like a Nissan 350z. The power to weight ratios are similar and the handling characteristics were identical.

Last weekend, my buddies from AE Performance brought their FR-S to Shift Sector Willow Springs. With just Hankook RS-3 racing tires, the car was able to run several 1:39s...which is actually pretty darn good. I had a lot of trouble catching him in turns 3-6. They said full tank of gas no driver it weighed 2730 lbs.

Pretty sweet, but IMO this car should have been factory supercharged. Not turbo, supercharged. Having linear power is ideal for this type of car if you're gonna track it. I like the exterior styling...would like to see some wheels on the car because the stockers are atrocious. The interior is decent for a cheap japanese car.

All in all, I wouldn't buy the car, but thats because im a German car snob. They introduced the car saying it was gonna be so limited and now they're gonna build a bunch of them. So, maybe you should wait like 6 months until the hype dies down and see how nicely the car mods.