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Static Across All Speakers


I'm trying to figure out an issue with a customer's car. He had too much fun on an on-ramp and goosed it into the guard rail. So we repaired it, drove it around and thought everything was fine. Until he turned up the radio, which took him about a week with 420hp(). All the speakers are popping crazy static. So I assume its the amp but we don't know what could have caused this.

We did have to weld on a new quarter panel, but the battery was disconnected. Is it possible for the amp to have been back fed by the ground while we were welding? Is it possible for the whole system to pop if its just a speaker grounding out in the system?

Here's the guts of the amp, anything look burnt?
Picture 1
Picture 2

Here's a picture of the AMP's model number, if anyone knows a cost effective alternative to calling the dealer it'd be much appreciated.

AMP Model Number

Dealer says 1400, says it's too new so they don't have anything, any other sources or people with extra hardware they're trying to get rid of? It's the higher end system with the silver trimmed speakers and center dash speaker.

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