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La la la. Fanboys of either the 1M or M3 will always seek to say their car reigns supreme - it's all about justifying that they bought the right car!

Anyway, I've the pleasure of having them both and I do admit the 1M feels lighter, pulls harder at low revs due to the turbos, and it does genuinely feel more fun on its feet compared to the heavier M3.

However, I have to say overall I still prefer the M3 - there is a sense of luxury/class that goes along with all that hooning, as well as the history & pedigree to go with THE M3 badge, which the 1M certainly doesn't have. Not to mention its more comfortable Besides, I don't always want to have a rough ride 24/7. Hemorrhoids much? Haha!

Both cars are nice, but aimed at different markets. Either way, the world does acknowledge BMW has set benchmarks with both these cars, so its a win-win regardless what you have.

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