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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
It's great you mention this issue -> taking a "more outside left edge approach" at corners like that. As I follow fast cars, I see them doing exactly that. After braking, they stay on the outer edge, following those 3 outer cones there and then, seems to me as I watch from the back, take a rather sharp-angled right turn, and hence, do have a rather straight line as they enter the front straightaway; whereas, I wind up at the left trackout cone and move back to the center/right.

I witness that type of turning in many other corners (BW & other tracks) too. And, my question is, to execute that kind of sharp turn, don't you have to bleed off a lot of speed? And, if you do bleed off speed, you're starting the next straightaway at lower speed.
Slow in, fast out. With the kind of power and torque our M3s have, it's usually the fastest way for a corner that leads to a long straight. The idea is to be fully rotated quickly to be full throttle soon as possible. Ricky is quite good at this. I was surprised how much he slowed for some corners at Buttonwillow, but he is on the gas very early, very hard, and he deals with the consequences of power oversteer.