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Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
Freddy, so what is the point of an m3 again :

Or are you suggesting a 335 is better
Well, the M3 comes in sedan, coupe, and convertible. The 1M only comes in coupe. For a sedan buyer like me, 1M wouldn't work. Yes the 335 comes in a sedan, but the front doesn't look as good, the M3 sedan front end looks better (like the coupe does). The s65 engine sounds better (to me and others), and isn't direct injection or turbo charged (which are things that improve fuel economy, but compromise responsiveness to a degree).

That's the good thing about having choices, we choose whichever car makes us happy. All I can tell you is that an M3 makes me smile, makes me happy, and I enjoy driving it a lot. I'd probably enjoy driving a 1M too, just not as much, because I don't like turbos that much.


lowmilelude says:

05:00 AM, 03/ 2/10

There's a cardiac surgeon at work who drives a brand new M3. Yesterday in the parking lot, I swear to God I caught him smiling while he was sitting in the driver's seat, waiting for it to warm up. That guy never effing smiles. NEVER.