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Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
Might I offer a few suggestions that may drop a couple of seconds from your time. Not trying to pick anything apart, just done a lot of instruction with BMW on this track . Just here to help as I was in the high 1:30s at one point.
I welcome any feedbacks.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
Your hands need to be at the 9 - 3 position permanently. Shuffle steering causes the brain to lose relativity of where straight is when unwinding the wheel on exit. Also, be sure to relax your fingers...tight grip of the wheel does not let us feel the wheel's feedback. Smooth inputs!
Kinda hard to always have the hands at 9-3 position when the (my car being so loose) correction requires more than 180 degree steering wheel movement.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
In turn 2, you want to be one cars width off of the inner edge. Too close in causes all kinds of issues with understeer to reach the cornerworker apex at the end. Additionally, once you have turned the wheel, you want to keep it held in that position for the entire turn. Once the wheel is set at the beginning of the turn, you use the gas pedal to modulate vehicle position and apex planning...(less gas brings you in-more gas pushes you out).
Re: off of the inner edge, yeah, I've had other people tell me that too. And, that definitely leads to understeer at the end of turn 2 when you approach the apex. I was doing something similar at Buttonwillow's Riverside 'til several months ago.

Re: using gas to steer, that's a bit of a scary proposition at that speed, but actually, at first lap of the day, the car did do mild 4-wheel drift outward when I modulated/increased the throttle at a bit past the mid-point of the turn. It was the usual amount of gas increase which normally didn't cause that before, so I thought perhaps it was because the tires weren't warmed up yet. In any case, I will focus on trying that next time.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
In 3, not sure if you had downshifted to 2nd gear and you had major traction issues...but the steering wheel went crazy. Even though it seems underpowered, I always only go to 3rd for smooth traction reasons. Smooth steering inputs are what keeps the car so well balanced.
If I take that corner in 3rd gear (DCT), the rear end comes out very easily; but in, 4th gear, it does not. So, 4th gear is safe, but lacks power at that speed there.

I'm not sure how you're able to take that corner in DCT 3rd gear and not experience oversteers. You must be very gentle on the gas there?

As I got myself off of MDM permanently 4 track days ago, these (which gear in various corners, etc) are some of the experiments I find myself doing.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
In 5, I like to only apex the second apex (cone+grate) in this heavy of a car. If you stay center-left after the downhill braking, you can reach the second apex cone much easier which allows you to straighten the car out earlier for 6.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
In 8, it isnt really even a turn if you enter mid track and stay mid-inner. That inside position is bumpy as hell and can sometimes unsettle the car when it comes time for the braking zone before 9.
Hmm, I've had other people tell me to hug the inner edge here, and gradually go to the outer edge as you approach the braking zone before 9...

8 is bumpy everywhere, actually, don't you think?

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
In 9, taking such a shallow approach throws all of your exit speed to the left instead of straight down the straightaway. Try a more outside left edge approach and just before the last red mark point the car into the apex nice and late.
It's great you mention this issue -> taking a "more outside left edge approach" at corners like that. As I follow fast cars, I see them doing exactly that. After braking, they stay on the outer edge, following those 3 outer cones there and then, seems to me as I watch from the back, take a rather sharp-angled right turn, and hence, do have a rather straight line as they enter the front straightaway; whereas, I wind up at the left trackout cone and move back to the center/right.

I witness that type of turning in many other corners (BW & other tracks) too. And, my question is, to execute that kind of sharp turn, don't you have to bleed off a lot of speed? And, if you do bleed off speed, you're starting the next straightaway at lower speed.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
I think I saw you out there on some of my cooldown laps, if you were the black sedan. I was the white coupe M3 GURU plate.
Yeah, black sedan.

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