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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
Probably, based on your location. I shot him an email and he replied. I asked why certain dealers are getting production numbers already but his dealership has not.

He acknowledged that certain dealers are getting prod numbers first because those dealers don't have any M3's on the lot, whereas his dealer still has 8 on the lot, and so they have to "wait". I suppose this makes sense. He does assure me (he has a few times) that I *will* get an M3. He says production of mine will be in August and expects a production number at the end of this month to early July. *fingers crossed* I just want one, don't have to be the 1st one.
Is he sure? I thought the factories shut down in August in Germany.

My dealer also assured me I'd get an allocation for July, and I submitted my final specs 2.5 weeks ago, but I haven't gotten a production # and so I'm hoping it is indeed July and not later...
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