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Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver
Originally Posted by Powerslide View Post
I know it's not close if you actually expect to win (which I certainly didn't). My point is that relatively speaking, it was closer than many (including myself) would have thought - stated differently - I expected a bigger gap than what actually happened.
How much would you expect a 991S to be ahead by at that point? 1-2 cars in a matter of ~3 seconds (50 mph) is a lot to lose by no matter which way you look at it. And to add to it, if he actually used launch control (which he obviously didnt) he would have been ahead by even more. The bigger (actually huge) gap would come quick thereafter.
I guess by my count, all Im saying is if you think 1-2 cars in that short of a 'race' isnt even in the range of being relatively close. Even a faster car than a 991S, say a GTR wouldnt be more than a couple to a few cars length ahead by 50 mph.
If you say so....

Given the overall amount of distance covered by both cars from stop to 50 mph two 991 carlengths is a relatively short distance.

As far as how much of a difference I thought there would be - cannot quantify it - after all - I had no idea I was going to see that car until he pulled up right next to me.

My point is simply that the vert being over 400 lbs heavier than other E9x models is still faster than many might otherwise think - and has way better times on than many would think