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Originally Posted by runnerguy1979 View Post
I will never understand the mostly American idea that small(er) cars equate to being girly/feminine or driven by girls. (and the larger the car, the more masculine, manly and/or better).

Not only is this belief absurd and steeped in stereotypes but, I think it keeps many Americans from enjoying such great driving cars as the miata, s2000, 1-series, fiat 500, mini, etc., etc. .... I could keep naming many others.

For pure driving fun-factor, you simply can't beat a smaller/lighter car.
I say this as a fellow M3 owner, btw.

Styling: I think the M3 takes this hands down, its a great looking car. Although as an owner of a BSM 1M I actually kind of like the muscular (and slightly obnoxious) look and feel.

Engine: I also love the NA 8 in the M3, but lets face it, its history now. ALL M engines going forward will be turbo, so lets get off the "real M engine" rubbish. Besides I love the 1M engine, they have virtually eliminated turbo lag and the power is always at hand and readily usable across the RPM range.

Performance: Pretty close on most straight line metrics, 1M faster at the start, M3 catches up. And with the exact same underpinnings, suspension, tire/wheel setup they are probably pretty close on cornering as well.

Track: I can only speak for the 1M but it is fantastic on a track. Race car driver I had with me last time I was on track was blown away by the 1M, said he much preferred it to the M3 on the track.