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Originally Posted by Maseroche View Post
Changed from Eibach, which was pretty comfortable but a bit bouncy, to RD Sports. No more bounciness and it hasn't affected ride quality at all. The car is still very comfortable and pretty close to stock. Keep in mind that at the time of spring change, I also went from a 20" wheel and tire setup to an 18" so maybe it made a difference.
The change from 20" to 18" wheels is very much the difference in what you felt. The OPs request is a bit unrealistic IMO. I have Eibachs and it definitely does not ride or handle like stock. The handling is slightly improved but the ride is noticeably stiffer. Not uncomfortable but to say it rides like stock is either a lie or the result of a loss of sensitivity in the butt

When lowering a car, be realistic and expect that you will lose some of the comfort level of the OEM ride. If not, you will be disappointed with anything you get. Finally, I think the closest you will get to OEM like ride comfort will be with the Dinan Stage I kit but it won't lower the car that much.
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