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Originally Posted by AW128i View Post
Umm, isn't having a Bugatti or Lamborghini an uber luxury? Perhaps garage-type parking is etremely rare in your area, but with all those luxury and exotic cars around, it seems to be the norm. For the RR I created this thread about, the next most expensive car is a new 6-series convertible and from there it starts to go down quickly.

What I truly don't understand about the RR in my complex is that the complex offers secured garage parking!! I'm betting on a second home situation. The RR has NY tags on it, but then again, so do many of the cars in my complex. The complex is a "luxury" complex of lofts and it's definitely one of the nicest complexes in the Philadelphia suburbs, and yet most residents are in common cars like Toyotas and Hondas. So yeah, a RR looks extremely out of place. In fact, the other day I saw people standing in front of it taking pics with their cellphones.

Someone commented that it may just be that the owner's priorities are different (kids, debt, etc.). I used to work for DaimlerChrysler Financial (when it still existed) and SLR leases were in the $15k-$20k/month range...I would imagine a lease on this RR (similarly priced) would be in teh same ballpark. So, you still have to be in an extremely positive financial situation in terms of income, even if your "only" leasing it. And, if you can support that kind of lease payment, sending your kids to private school is probably a drop in the bucket.
My friend is the head of a Lamborghini dealership and he has a good amount of people who buy older cars (Gallardos) and they put a low down payment with a huge monthly payment.. They only have the car for a couple months. Some people will do anything to have some of these cars . Not sure what the apartment looks like but if the car cost more then where you live its a little ridiculous to me. Just my opinion.

This thread makes me think of this photo..
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