Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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Let me just give you a real world example.

Recently I had to install some insulation batting in a rental property. I fully planned renting the Lowe's truck to take everything over to the house but the truck was out for the afternoon. So instead of waiting or not doing it I folded down the rear seats and loaded one of the two bundles into the back of the car (I had it covered don't worry...).

While I was contemplating what to do with the other huge bundle a guy in a big Denali who had pulled out of the parking lot pulled BACK in and asked me "hey you're not planning on putting that in there are you?! That car is too nice to do that! Love M3's!" He then offered to take the extra bundle in his truck to my house 2 blocks away! No questions asked. Don't think I would have gotten the same reaction with a 335i...

Just for fun after he said "that thing sounds mean!" I got on it with him behind me so he could hear it sing above 5 k rpm and hit maybe 60 quicker than I should have. Looked back to see where he was, but my view was obstructed by a huge thing of INSULATION BATTING. I just started cracking up. Here I was able to hit 0-60'ish in a more than sufficient time, carrying home improvement items from the local home improvement store with a guy who liked my car enough to offer to help for NO OTHER REASON than he appreciated it as well. Said a ton.

Moral of the story? Utility, performance, recognition, exclusivity (relatively as sedans are more rare than coupes and verts) and most importantly FUN.