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Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver
Originally Posted by Powerslide View Post
As follow up to above post:

991 chassis 911 2S: 8.69 lbs/hp

E93: 10 lbs/hp
2 car lenths by 50 mph is a lot! So not close at all. After that he would have pulled another 6 cars lengths on you to 100 and would have walked you even more thereafter. 991S is a 118-119 mph trap speed car vs your vert wich probably only traps 110-111 so not even close.

And just to correct our info, a 991S is 3200-3300 lbs with 400 hp and is in a different realm than anything BMW makes. Its faster than the M3 GTS which is as you know the fastest M3 variant.
I know it's not close if you actually expect to win (which I certainly didn't). My point is that relatively speaking, it was closer than many (including myself) would have thought - stated differently - I expected a bigger gap than what actually happened.