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Originally Posted by Soliditude View Post
The article doesn't mention having to have an iPhone for Siri to be integrated into the car--that's the whole point! Not all BMW drivers necessarily own Apple products, and that's why Siri will be independently integrated into the car itself rather than you having to have a phone for it.
I don't think that's the case. I initially thought so as well, but building Siri directly into cars without the purchase of an Apple product would be a pretty radical departure for Apple. There was no hint of Apple *branding* in this announcement (nothing about an Apple logo on the trunk next to the propeller or the Chevy cross, and nothing along the lines of an "i750i", etc).

Also, Cook used the words "integrate better", which suggests that he's just talking about improvements along the lines of changes in the existing BMW Apps software, and similar software from the other makers that integrates with iOS when connected to an iPhone/iPad.
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