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I have an iphone 4S, I love the phone but I NEVER use Siri. It was cool at the beginning as a novelty, but I even forget it (she?) is there. I also have a navigation system in my car and I never use it either. I use my iphone if I need directions to get somewhere.

As much as I love technology and its ability to make life easier and more efficient every day, I don't want my next car to be a smartphone on wheels. I don't want it to have internet access, I don't want it to talk back to me (or even worse understand me!), or be able to do anything else than provide an outstanding analog driving experience. I want it with a real manual transmission, a real clutch, hydraulic steering (the less assisted the better), and with the least amount of gizmos that distract me from the driving experience, and more importantly, every other thing on the road!!

I know I'm part of a very small minority, but I hope car manufacturers at least give us the option of choosing if you want all those things or not, instead of forcing us to have an iPad sticking out of the dash (even without navi) like on the F30.

Wishful thinking I know...