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Hey guys, just finished the process. I wanted to give you guys my experience... I did not need the FSC, how crazy is that?

here are my details:

Car: September '11 build 2011 E90 M3... I think I am the latest build as of yet to post an attempt at an upgrade.
Nav Before: NA BMW Group 112093.2.27 Road Map North America Premium 2011i
(Not sure what the "i" means).
Files used: Kmarei's files confirmed by e1000's md5 checksums (thank you both very much!)
Hardware used: SanDisk 16gb SDHC Cards (3) with a Sandisk MicroMate SD reader (the same reader as robackja) and a generic USB extension cord as the SD reader is too thick to fit into the tight glove compartment space.
FSC: From Sergej, who got back to me remarkably fast and cheap, but as noted above I never needed the code, but thanks anyway Sergej! Just an FYI, I have a sneaking suspicion based on the 4am response and the lack of response after 8pm EDST that Sergej is in Europe.

My steps:

1. Downloaded the files from Kmarei's link, performed a MD5 checksum, and verified it matched e1000's (just an FYI, disk 1 for me ended up being 8.2gb, which was larger than it reads on Kmarei's host, disk 2 and 3 were also larger.)
2. Formatted all my SD cards to FAT32, then after making sure each disk was clean dragged the config.nfm and the pkgdb folder from each .iso to each SD card.
3. With the car completely off I plugged in the USB extension into the USB port in the glove compartment.
4. Started the car (I had the car running for the 1st and 3rd disk just to make sure I did not run out of juice)
5. Was prompted automatically after about 20 seconds "Updated map data located on USB source," and clicked "start update."
6. There was a hesitation on the status bar for almost a full minute where it stayed on 0.0%, at this point I was anticipating entering in my FSC, however I was never prompted, and the update began.
7. Screen at this point read "Storing navigation data in the car... (USB 1/3)." When prompted for USB 2, as noted in previous posts, I completely disconnected the disk reader from the USB extension cord, changed the SD cards, then reattached the SD reader.
8. After about 45 minutes (I had one interruption during but it just prompted me to reattach the disk being read at the time) it completed, and then the system restarted itself.
9. As noted in previous posts, my "version" was initially blank, which worried me, but after a complete turn off and restart, it read: "NA BMW Group 112111.2.19 Road Map North America Premium 2012"

Some notes:
-I do not have a problem with double POI after a quick search for local businesses. All other functionality seems intact so far and will keep you guys updated.
-For those of you in the DC/MD/VA area - the ICC only goes from 370 to Georgia Ave... pretty unhappy about that. I guess I will be off-roading when I grab the ICC from 95 until the 2014 version at this rate.
-My street, which has existed since '07, still does not show up on the map.
-My friend with a 2009 e92 using the exact same files and setup as I did was unable to get it to work (and I mean after doing my car we moved on to his with the set up we used on my car)... the USB couldn't get the system to see the upgrade. He is going to try the DVDs next. Edit: My friend burned the same files onto DVDs with success. Apparently there are some firmware issues with the some '09s and recognizing the update via USB.
-Any idea why I did not need an FSC????

If you want pictures of the process I would be happy to post what I have. Hope this answers some questions.

Edit: from what I have read from other boards (f10) - some 2012s have the FSC already loaded from the factory... so try it out first before buying an FSC if you have a 2012 w/ the 11 maps or a late late 2011 e90 (as we got screwed out of the 2012 model year designation, )
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