Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I don't dispute the speed, I dispute the feel. The 335i modded is faster than my car, but so what? It feels less solid/refined/expensive and the few tunes I drove on my 335i made it feel kinda choppy and even less refined than stock... not to mention the HPFP that they can't seem to get right. I had mine in for service close to 10 times in a year for fuel pump issues, including multiple limp modes (and this was both before and after tuning and track use, so that isn't why). They replaced my fuel pump with 2 or 3 different "upgraded" fuel pumps, which each failed.
A friend of mine also had a 2008 335i and had the same fuel pump issues and was bone stock. It isn't just some internet myth.

The N55 cars seem much more reliable, but it still isn't going to drive like a M. Just sit in both, the leather in the M3 is softer and the car feels like a $60k car. I can't say the same about the 335i, even though I definitely respect the modded 335i's and the speeds they are capable of.

I'm not hating on the 335i, they're cool cars and can be made very fast for cheap. But it is not going to drive like a M3. The E92 M3 is the most "solid" feeling car I've driven other than italians. My 2c.

I had both and they are wonderful cars, both impressive for their costs for different reasons. 335 more chuckable, M3 more planted. Both quick but 335 more impressive at the price point.
As for the leather...who gives. You dont buy an M3 for that