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Originally Posted by Tag View Post
I see where you're coming from but completely disagree with you, guess it's the dark side in me . Customers should not be beta users. If you're going to advertise a product and put it out on the market it should work and not be glitchy. Sure, everything has minor issues that arise here and there but Apple has dropped the ball quite a bit in the past couple of years yet it seems like everyone gives them a pass. Sorry if I ruined anyone's day with the truth.

You must have never worked for a hardware/software company if you think Apple has a lot of glitches. You sounds like a power-user that goes nuts when advanced features don't work properly.

Back on topic - I think it's a cool feature; although I am somewhat surprised that BMW is willing to commit to a roadmap that is so tied to a specific company's technology; even if that company is currently leading the market.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note; I don't personally like a million buttons on the steering wheel.