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Originally Posted by SirLance99 View Post
I DON'T WANT Siri to be in my next BMW or Mercedes

This really is not anything against Apple or Siri. I don't and will not buy their products for personal reasons. Apple is successful in their own right, but why when I buy my next BMW or Mercedes, should I be subjected to a Siri button on my wheel which I'll never use?

I buy a new BMW or Mercedes because it fits me and who I am. Apple, not so much.

The idea is great don't get me wrong. Although, I don't want a button dedicated to Siri on my wheel of my new car reminding me of Apple or Siri.

If they are able to make that said button universal with other well known apps, I would change my stance a little bit more.
Well thus far it looks like they'll be repurposing/expanding the existing voice control button to incorporate Siri functionality, so you shouldn't have a dedicated button. But honestly, lots of cars have buttons that some or even most owners never use; it's not as if the unused buttons are hurting the owners in some way. In fact BMW included the iPod Y-cable in all pre-Combox cars equipped with a USB port exclusively for Apple devices, though granted that was easily removed.

No one's saying you have to use every feature, but if there's a mutually beneficial opportunity for two manufacturers to collaborate on an integrated offering to the betterment of both, don't be surprised if they take said opportunity -- even if not everyone who uses one product will use the other. It goes the other way, too; Apple developed the iPod Out function, which to my knowledge has ONLY been leveraged in BMWs so far, and even then only BMWs with the new Apps feature.
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