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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
i'm sure it'll work through the usb/serial connection, not the bluetooth.
I seriously doubt it; that would majorly limit the convenience factor. I agree with the OP article that it will likely be something like saying "Siri" before a command to tell the car to relay your voice to the phone (or perhaps an extended press). Plus remember that Siri already kinda-sorta works over Bluetooth, with the majorly annoying caveat that you have to start Siri from the device itself.

I'm cautiously optimistic that something like this will be available via the phone driver update method available at Given that this is very little code on the BMW side, it's possible. Or BMW might make us deal with lengthy dealer updates to get it done, though I consider that unlikely considering the popularity of this feature would see service departments swamped with update requests. Or they might just go the artificial feature differentiation route and reserve it for newer models, perhaps that new nav system BMW recently announced.

And re "super glitchy", Apple tends not to do super glitchy when NOT inter-operating with third parties AND after a few dot releases. So we'll see how this goes -- though this sounds like relatively little work on each side to get right.
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