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Got smoked by a E36 Non-M Saloon

but he had an "M" badge on his car.

so I was driving on a pretty much empty hwy over the weekend when I passed by a e36 sedan, non M version, dirty, beatup, dented everywhere, with a single muffler canister type exhaust that sounded like a lawnmower. I had no idea what exact model it was because he had a "M" badge on it. Thinking back to the recent "Who you fooling?" thread, I laughed to myself and thought, another poser.

So whatever, I kept on driving, minding my own business. Then about 4-5 miles later, he was no where in sight in my rear view, but all of a sudden, he comes right behind me out of nowhere and starts tailgating me...He was so close that I could clearly make out his face thru my rearview. He looked pretty ghetto, gold teeth in the front n all. It was him and 2 other "hood rats" in the car.

Im thinking whatever, ignore them, plus i got my wife in the car and they looked like highly unsavory characters who might carry weapons in the car.

I was going about 75mph and this bitch wouldn't let up my tail. Kept following me for another 3 miles or so. I slowed down to 60 and he slowed down...well, I didn't want to get off the hwy because he could have just followed me and we might get into some trouble so my wife told me to gun it and get the hell away from him since it was an old ass looking bimmer. I was like, OK...kickdown button, pulled left downshifted into 4th and off we went...well, that guy in the e36 stepped on it too and started to run neck and neck with me all the way up to 100 or so. at that point, I let up because it was just too fast, and i got off the ramp since he was ahead and couldn't follow anymore.

I was pretty surprised, up to about 100, when i let up, he was still pulling really fast, he probably went up to 130-140 and just disappeared, then he flashed his emergencies. I'm thinking wtf does this guy have? I remember driving a e36 and they're not that fast.

Ive even had runs with pretty cool e46 m3 guys with mods and all and the e92 ALWAYS pulls on those cars when on a rolling start. They always give me a thumbs up after.. but man, this crappy e36 non m car. what could he have done to make it faster than the s65, and while carrying 3 people?

anyhow, just a story i had to tell.