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Originally Posted by e1000 View Post
FYI, here are the MD5's for each of the DVD iso files:

Disc 1: 61f60c96d9d5a0c148e047a56d94271f
Disc 2: 3630b1a0e2338d9ca4a371c3f30f7e36
Disc 3: 2d22d3fe820a992b33a73915967fff3b
Mine matched these exactly -- thanks!

Just waiting on my code from Sergej......

EDIT: Got my code from Sergej (which I needed, unlike doc19 below!) for my '11 March Build E90 M3.

Everything worked fine but I tried combining all of the discs onto ONE large SSD drive and it "worked" BUT...

The system copied all of the data to 100% but at the end, asked for each "disc" from the USB drive I had to delete and then add the data from only one disc to the drive at a time.

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