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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Mark, no offense, but I'd call that unuseable. Is that with your new lens? Was that MF with the view at 10x? With a 2X converter you've probably got really slow AF and it might not have caught up OR you need to set your camera's front/rear focus with a +- adjustment. I think your camera allows for AF fine tuning, including with a TC combination (so long as the camera recognizes your TC). If the camera doesn't recognize your Kenko, it'd be one reason to go with a Canon brand TC.

No offense taken. I wouldn't expect to be able to use a 100% crop from an image taken with a Kenko 2x converter and maybe not even with a Canon version. Bryan Carnathan at The Digital Picture talks about using a the Canon 2x extender with the 135L.

The Canon 135 L is also compatible with the Canon Extender EF 2.0x, but you will probably not be thrilled with this 270mm combination wide open at f/4 as sharpness takes a bigger hit with this extender.
I figured if he saw sharpness issues with the Canon extender, I would surely see them with the Kenko. Still, the full image with those leaves looks much better at web posting size. I'll have to play with it more and try a tripod shot with 10x MF and see if it improves.


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