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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Boxing is totally corrupt. The guy that did my knee and shoulder surgery use to be a ring-side doctor. He straight-up told me, "you need to find a new sport to follow; this one is totally corrupt". This was 5 years ago or so he told me that, and he was a doctor for an athletic commission probably 10-15 years before that. With no global governing body, this will continue to happen. It's really disgusting when you consider that these men are literally risking their lives in the ring.

I love Arum grandstanding up their after the fight about how outraged he was. The guy is a fucking slimeball. He can't even keep it straight either. One reported asked him how he had it, and he said 10 rounds for Pac. Then, no less that 2 mins later, he said he had it 11-1 like HBO. He also fabricated that Bradley's manager had Pac winning. Total lie.

I don't know why the media doesn't sack the fuck up and ask the most basic question:

"Bob, isn't it accurate that the person that benefits most from this decision is you since it locks in a rematch under the original contract? Since Pac would have been a free agent after this match?"

Perhaps the most disgusting thing is that Arum is likely richer than any boxer in the world, and there is no end to his greed and manipulation.
I'm not saying I believe what Arum is saying, I'm just saying what Arum is saying lol. Boxing is definitely corrupt and i agree with you. The person who benefits most out of this is Arum. It just sucks that it had to happen like this because it wasn't even a close fight. This is why you HAVE to KO the guy. You can't leave it up to the judges.