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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
Please correct if I'm wrong but I believe any car any that has this kinda power so high in the rpm range gets poor fuel mileage. That's a tradeoff I'll HAPPILY make. It's simple math really. The more rpm's your using, the more fuel your using.
Except in the EPA tests, minimum shift speeds are used in order to get the best results, and your simple math isn't useful in that example. I do agree, however, that very high performance cars tend to not do well, mileage-wise. However, I still think that the M guys could've done better.

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Even the Wankel powered 1.3 liter rotary in the now deceased RX-8 got piss poor mileage. That thing revved over 9k rpm and strangely consumed oil, just like some of ours...hmmm. It's a matter of priorities.
Poor example. Every Wankel suffered from poor economy due to an amazing amount of surface area in the combustion chamber, leading to major heat loss and major pollutants because of massive boundary layer problems. These were solved through the use of draconian emissions controls which further hurt fuel economy. Oil use was a part of the design, though. They fed the end seals with no way to collect that oil, therefore letting it be consumed in the combustion process. Another factor in the draconian emissions controls.

Loved that engine, though. Had an RX4 in '74.

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I'll take the lack of fuel economy for all the other attributes the car has.
Hell yes.

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I think the only only exception to this engine rule right now is the Coyote V8 that Ford builds for the Mustang. It's efficient, revs high and has alot of power uptop but still only revs to 7.5k rpm I believe. Great engine but I'll still live with what I have, ANY DAY.
The new RS5 is estimated by Audi to come in at 15/22, city/highway, and that car weighs about 400 pounds more than the M, according to Car and driver. More power and similar red line, as well.

My ONLY point is that I think the M guys dropped the ball in this one area. Otherwise, the car is damned close to being a paragon.